Building Hope for Africa – About Us from Christine Calouro on Vimeo.

Our Vision

All African children, youth and young adults are provided with essential needs (safe home, food, healthcare, education, human rights) to productively pursue a prosperous future.


Our Mission

Champion a community-based approach to lift African children, youth and young adults out of poverty, and ensure their health, education and overall well-being, so that they may pursue a prosperous future.


Our Objectives

  • Use theater to bring awareness to the problems facing vulnerable children and youth in Africa, giving youth a positive avenue to focus their efforts and build their confidence.
  • Allow youth participating in BHA’s program to advocate for their own interests through theatrical performances attended by important people in their community.
  • Promote education as a vehicle to improve the likelihood of a prosperous future.
  • Support partner organizations working to provide homes and other essential services for orphans, street children and other vulnerable youth.
  • Bring awareness to the struggles of African youth within African communities, as well as internationally.


Our Approach

Our approach involves both directly intervening on behalf of Africa’s most vulnerable children as well as supporting partner grassroots African organizations to further their ability to provide homes and care for orphans, street children, kids with disabilities and other at-risk populations in Africa.