Street Kids FeaturedIn Rwanda, students are expected to pay “school fees” to attend primary school, which covers a portion of the teacher’s salary, a school uniform and school supplies.  Without these funds, kids are not able to attend school.  When kids are not in school, they often end up spending their days on the streets begging passersby for money and food.  Street children usually also learn to steal, do drugs and engage in other bad behavior.  This not only is detrimental to the child’s future, but also to the development of the country in general.

BHA seeks to provide “hope” for these kid’s future, through our program, School Over Streets Initiative.  The program provides micro-scholarships to help kids attend school, which helps keep them off the streets, and is an investment in the child’s development into a productive member of society.

BHA and Grain de Seneve have selected four at-risk kids who participated in BHA’s Theater Smile Initiative workshop in August to receive the micro-scholarships for the 2015 school year.  Click here to read about the kids who received the scholarships.