Theater Smile Workshop a Success

We are happy to report that BHA’s August Theater Workshop in Musanze, Rwanda was quit the success. The Theater Smile Workshop, a collaboration between BHA and local Rwandan organization, Grain de Seneve brought together 28 kids, youth and young adults in a 7 day workshop to talk about the street kid phenomenon, and present their views in a play in front of their community.  The participants included kids and youth who have lived on the street in the past, those who still beg on the street currently and those at risk of ending up on the street.  It was really a great opportunity to learn form each other.

The performance received a lot of local support, was covered by the local Kinyarwanda language media and was well attended by the community.  The participants did a great job presenting an engaging and informative play.  BHA is very proud of them.

Stay tuned for a short documentary about the project coming soon!

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